Going hungry: Why millions of Canadians can’t afford healthy food

March 25, 2015 – Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News

Pay the rent, or put food on the table?

It sounds like an unthinkable choice. It’s one Priscilla, a Winnipeg mom with two young kids, both under 8, faces daily.

It’s one the growing number of people Laurie O’Connor sees streaming through Saskatoon’s Food Bank keep asking themselves.

It’s one faced by more than a million Canadian households, a Statistics Canada report revealed Wednesday.

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Chequed out: Inside the payday loan cycle

Feb. 11, 2015 – Anna Mehler Paperny and Patrick Cain, Global News

Jillane Mignon just needed cash to pay for day care.

Her job with the City of Winnipeg’s 311 program covered the bills, but not the $1,000 a month it cost to care for her son while she was at work.

“When there are [child care] subsidies, there are no spaces. When there are spaces, there’s no subsidy.”

So it started with a small loan from a payday lender. That took care of that month.

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The making of a murderer – and how to prevent it

J.P. Moczulski

This is Joe’s story.

At age 18, he was convicted of second-degree murder, accused of stabbing another boy to death.

Joe’s name isn’t real – police changed it to protect his privacy. But his story is. Police in Prince Albert, Sask., use it to illustrate their strategy.

This timeline traces Joe’s run-ins with police and social services through an infancy marked by domestic violence, alcoholism and abuse, a violent childhood and a series of petty-crime charges.

Early intervention, police maintain, could have prevented the murder years before it happened. The crime-prevention program is working so well, Anna Mehler Paperny reports, Toronto is adopting the same one in a new pilot project

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Radiohead ‘shattered’ after drum tech’s death in Toronto stage collapse

June 18, 2012 – Globe and Mail


A stage built to accommodate rock superstardom before a crowd of 30,000 takes a small army and several days to construct from the ground up. Dozens if not hundreds of crew members measure the exact location, lay concrete blocks as ballast and build up the raised floor, supports and a roof before trained riggers clamber up latticed scaffolding to suspend loudspeakers, lights and visual displays.

The stage set up for Radiohead’s Saturday show would have been right on schedule by late afternoon. The structure otherwise ready to go, the technical crew travelling with the band was doing final audio and lighting adjustments in preparation for a sound check.

It took seconds for the entire stage to crumple in on itself; white canopy laden with screens and lights tipping forward onto the stage, bringing scaffolding down with it.

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One dead as Toronto stage collapses before Radiohead concert


Saturday, June 16, 2012 – Globe and Mail


There was a popping crack, like the sound of fireworks, then an eerie silence as Erin Peacock watched the towering stage crumple in on itself, hardware-laden canopy tipping over towards the front end of the stage, taking reams of scaffolding down with it and leaving long sticks of twisted metal behind.

The stage collapse at Downsview Park hours before what was supposed to be a Radiohead concert crushed one man to death and injured three more. A 45-year-old man was still in hospital Saturday evening with non-life-threatening injuries. Two other men were treated for minor injuries on the scene and released. All of the victims were crew members setting up the stage, police said.

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Eaton Centre shooting shakes Toronto’s sense of safety


Monday June 4, 2012 – Globe and Mail


An eruption of gang violence in one of Toronto’s busiest crossroads – the Eaton Centre – has challenged the city’s reputation for downtown safety while drawing a promise from the mayor that “we’re going to apprehend this person, and we will convict this person.”

The gunman who fired on at least one intended target Saturday evening sprayed bullets across a crowded food court that is ringed with security cameras. Police said they have images of a suspect but did not release a description – an approach one retired homicide detective called an indication that an arrest may be imminent.

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