Poll: Rest of Canada decries Quebec’s charter, but opposes some religious symbols


Anna Mehler Paperny – Global News

Canadians outside Quebec say they oppose that province’s proposed Charter of Values – but that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable with all religious symbols in the public sphere: More than two-thirds of respondents to an Angus-Reid poll released Wednesday would ban kirpans; almost as many would prohibit public servants from wearing burqas.

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New Canadians love Quebec; they just can’t work there: Why immigrants are leaving La Belle Province

Fahimeh Sinai and Peyman Rajabian as they prepare to leave their Montreal apartment. Christinne Muschi/Globe and Mail

Fahimeh Sinai and Peyman Rajabian as they prepare to leave their Montreal apartment. Christinne Muschi/Globe and Mail

ANNA MEHLER PAPERNY – Globe and Mail, Dec. 21, 2012

In the three years since Fahimeh Sinai and Peyman Rajabian left Iran for a new life in Montreal, they have accomplished a lot – earning graduate degrees, touring the Gaspé and obtaining provincially funded therapy for their toddler son. They applied for citizenship as soon as they were eligible.

But they applied from Calgary.

At the end of September, the couple crammed into their sedan with son and belongings to make the long drive west. They had neither jobs nor a place to live. But they were sure it was the right decision.

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Montreal shooting suspect Richard Henry Bain ‘sick, but never, never violent’

Richard Henry Bain


La Conception, Que., and Toronto

Sept. 6, 2010 – Globe and Mail

On Tuesday morning, as Quebec voters headed to the polls, Richard Henry Bain showed up at Claude David’s auto garage in Labelle, north of Montreal.

The two briefly discussed the election – Mr. Bain wanted to know where his polling station was – and then Mr. Bain said he was heading into Montreal to visit an ailing sister-in-law.

He mentioned no other plans. But when Mr. David said he wouldn’t be able to finish fixing the battery on Mr. Bain’s Jeep by Thursday, Mr. Bain said it didn’t matter. “It’s no rush.”

The next time Mr. David saw his neighbour, it was on the news.

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Suspect in Quebec shooting identified as Mont-Tremblant businessman


Sept. 5, 2012 – Globe and Mail

The man police say opened fire outside the Parti Québécois  victory party at midnight, killing a technician and wounding another man, is a trained engineer with a fishing lodge near Mont-Tremblant, says one man who was shocked to see his friend Richard Henry Bain on TV early Wednesday morning.

“I can’t believe he would get to that point,” the man told The Globe and Mail. “He’s a businessman who’s very generous with his time. He’s not a man who needs money.”

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One dead, one in critical condition as gunman opens fire at Parti Quebecois rally

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 – Globe and Mail

One person is dead after a gunman opened fire at the concert hall where Quebec Premier-elect Pauline Marois was delivering her victory speech.

Montreal police said a man in his 50s entered the rear of the Metropolis building around midnight. He fired at least one shot and injured two people. The suspect also lit a fire at the back of the building before he attempted to run away.

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