One dead, one in critical condition as gunman opens fire at Parti Quebecois rally

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 – Globe and Mail

One person is dead after a gunman opened fire at the concert hall where Quebec Premier-elect Pauline Marois was delivering her victory speech.

Montreal police said a man in his 50s entered the rear of the Metropolis building around midnight. He fired at least one shot and injured two people. The suspect also lit a fire at the back of the building before he attempted to run away.

Both of the victims were rushed to hospital in critical condition, according to Montreal police, and one of the victims died of their injuries.

Ms. Marois was not harmed. She was rushed off the stage in the middle of her speech by several security guards, who took her by the elbows and led her away.

She maintained her composure through the confusion and endeavoured to finish her victory speech, inviting elected MNAs onstage with her and promising to follow through on voters’ highest hopes.

Police held a man down outside the building, then led him into a police vehicle and out of the scene. The man was wearing a black shirt, a black balaclava that covered his head and mouth, glasses and what appeared to be a large blue bathrobe with white stripes along the bottom.

“The English are waking up, the English are waking up,” he shouted before being led into a police vehicle.

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