Reservists like Nathan Cirillo are worth $1.8M less to the feds. Why?

November 17, 2014 – Anna Mehler Paperny and Jacques Bourbeau, Global News

How do you put a price on the life of someone serving in Canada’s military?

Both Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent and Corporal Nathan Cirillo were honoured in Ottawa and across the country in Remembrance Day ceremonies last week.

Each will have a military base named after him.

But according to the federal government’s rules, the two men’s lives are valued very differently.

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Veterans’ families get counselling; better disability payments on hold

October 1, 2014 – Anna Mehler Paperny and Laura Stone, Global News

The federal government is promising counselling for veterans’ families and smoother transitions between military and civilian life in response to recommendations on how to better serve those who’ve served the country and suffered often crippling disabilities in the process – but says it needs to give more thought to proposals that would improve benefits for those with the worst disabilities and ensure equal treatment for hurt reservists.

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Why make soldiers choose between their pensions and their mental health?

September 30, 2014 – Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News

For members of Canada’s military, the choice to come forward about mental illness can be agonizing: Anyone deemed “unfit to serve” – due to mental illness, for example, if the Defence Department contends the illness’s roots predate military service – before having completed the minimum 10 years of service loses his or her pension.

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