A year after Elliot Lake mall collapse, a community that ‘can’t seem to move on’

Elliot Lake Roof Collapse 20120625

Anna Mehler Paperny and Jennifer Tryon, Global News

Heather Richer was in her van at dawn June 24, ready to drive to work before her Sunday customers trickled in.

It was only after the car was in motion that she remembered: There was no work to go to. The mall that housed her restaurant was a crumpled hulk after a crashing rooftop parking lot sent concrete slabs through two floors the previous afternoon.

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After Elliot Lake mall collapse, heartbreak and hope

Chris Young/Canadian Press

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 – Globe and Mail


TORONTO and SUDBURY — Rescuers will try “drastic” measures to reach possible survivors in a collapsed mall, acting at the urging of the community and Ontario’s Premier after search-and-rescue operations were suspended over safety fears.

Crews who just hours earlier were pulled from the Algo Centre Mall in Elliot Lake, Ont. will have another go at the structure relying on machinery, said fire chief Paul Officer.

Officials believe there is one person dead and possibly at least one still alive in the wreckage. Reaching them could require methods that are “a little more drastic, that aren’t necessarily done in a rescue operation – or even a recovery operation,” Chief Officer told a news conference Monday evening. “And we still have to come up with that plan.”

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