Immigrant unemployment: The more education, the bigger the gap

Jan. 10, 2014 –  Global News

Friday’s employment numbers may’ve been lacklustre. But the job search is far bleaker for new Canadians: Years after the recession officially ended, you’re still more likely to be out of a job if you’re an immigrant.

And the gap between immigrants and Canadian-born workers is biggest for those with the most educationUniversity graduates who’ve been in Canada five years or less are more than four times more likely to be unemployed than their Canadian counterparts.

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In post-quake Haiti, rebuilding an education system that was already broken

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 – Globe and Mail

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Their classrooms are rubble. So are their houses – scattered around Port-au-Prince, most of them are living “sous les belles étoiles.” Many of their professors are missing or dead.

But in the fissured remains of their university, these would-be teachers are planning a revolution. They sit at desks, taking scribbled notes as their rapid-fire ideas overlap one another over the sounds of 400 families living in tents outside, and one lone, loud rooster by the window. As Haiti’s already inadequate education system lies in ruins – and with it, one of the country’s best shots at sustainable development – these upstart students are among those who hope to reinvent what it means to learn in Haiti.

“We don’t just want to rebuild. We want to begin over again,” says Michel Fresner, a first-year education student at the Centre Formation d’Education Fondemontal.

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