What Supreme Court’s assisted suicide decision means for people in pain

Feb. 6, 2015 – Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News

A quarter-century ago Sheila Noyes watched her younger sister die of breast cancer that spread to her spine. “It really did chew it up.”

She watched her mother die of a brain aneurysm and successive strokes that left her paralyzed — “trapped in a body that wouldn’t let her go.”

Now Noyes, riding a wave of optimism after chemotherapy to treat her own breast cancer appears to have done the trick, is exultant in the knowledge she won’t die the same protracted, painful deaths of these two women she loved.

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Crown fights to designate mentally ill, suicidal inmate dangerous offender

October 6, 2014 – Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News

When Judge Sheila Whelan shot down an attempt to designate Marlene Carter a dangerous offender, she said the public would be “shocked” by the way Carter, an inmate with a history of abuse and severe mental illness, was treated in prison.

Now the Crown is appealing that decision, arguing that to protect the public Carter must be incarcerated indefinitely.

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Why make soldiers choose between their pensions and their mental health?

September 30, 2014 – Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News

For members of Canada’s military, the choice to come forward about mental illness can be agonizing: Anyone deemed “unfit to serve” – due to mental illness, for example, if the Defence Department contends the illness’s roots predate military service – before having completed the minimum 10 years of service loses his or her pension.

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Do police have my mental heath info? Will it get me barred from the U.S.?

April 15, 2014  –  Global News

In the wake of a report castigating police forces for automatically disclosing and sharing suicide attempts – info that gets into the hands of U.S. border guards, among others – many are wondering what bits of their personal info police databases might have, and whether it could prove compromising when crossing the border.

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