Ottawa won’t cover costs of new mentally ill offender law

Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News : Tuesday, February 12, 2013 1:05 PM

The federal government has no plans to help provinces with costs associated with its new rules on how to deal with mentally ill offenders.

Last week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper unveiled legislation that would crack down on people found not criminally responsible due to mental disorders. It would establish a “high risk” classification for those who have committed serious crimes and shift emphasis to victim impact when determining how long someone should stay in custody.

If courts and review boards take this legislation to heart it could mean more offenders in provincial forensic hospitals for a longer period of time.

Ottawa won’t pay for them.

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Omar Khadr: Confessed jihadist, Hunger Games fan

Janet Hamlin


October 2, 2012 – Globe and Mail

Curricula for convicted terrorists aren’t the stuff of everyday academia.

So when Omar Khadr’s U.S. legal team asked Arlette Zinck, an English professor at King’s University College in Edmonton, to design and deliver a lesson plan for the Guantanamo Bay detainee, she and her colleagues had their work cut out for them.

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Corrections Canada plans electronic anklets for parolees despite flaws


August `17, 2012 – Globe and Mail

Correctional Service Canada plans to roll out electronic anklets to monitor parolees – even though its own pilot project found the devices did not work as hoped.

The idea is to ensure that offenders follow the conditions of their release. A tiny proportion of parolees breach those conditions or reoffend, although the number has been getting smaller for four years.

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