Alberta pipeline safety: Watching the watchers who watch pipeline-watchers


Anna Mehler Paperny – Global News

Alberta Energy Minister Ken Hughes has been getting a rough ride lately over his pipeline safety review.

Commissioned in July, 2012, completed in December and made public the following August, the 54-page report compared Alberta’s pipeline regulations to those of other jurisdictions. Turns out they stack up well.

It did not, however, look at whether those rules are being followed and enforced.

Nor did it look at any actual pipeline incidents.

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Forget Keystone: Enbridge’s Eastern Gulf pipeline could reach the Gulf first – backed by cash from Alberta government


Anna Mehler Paperny – Global News

While the fate of TransCanada’s embattled Keystone XL remains uncertain 70-odd months into its quest to link Alberta’s oilsands with the Gulf of Mexico, another Canadian company’s lesser-known, less-scrutinized pipeline project is on track to make it there first.

And the Alberta government is weighing whether it wants in.

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Feds aim to calm public fears over pipeline safety

Anna Mehler Paperny and Leslie Young – Global News

Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver says new rules for pipeline companies make a safe system safer and the companies more accountable.

But even as he touted tougher penalties and expectations of corporate transparency, he said there’s no need for the National Energy Board to beef up enforcement or publish its own investigation and inspection reports.

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