Alberta oil spill: When ‘failsafe’ leak detection systems fail

July 17, 2015 – Anna Mehler Paperny, Global News

Nexen is investigating why its “failsafe” leak detection system failed to detect what turned out to be a massive spill that leaked 5,000 cubic metres of bitumen, sand and wastewater into an area of northern Alberta so remote the oil and gas company needs to build roads from scratch just to access the spill site.

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Five months (and counting) into CNRL spill, questions of why more wasn’t done after 2009 leak


Sept. 27, 2013 –  Global News

A series of spills in northern Alberta is still oozing bitumen more than five months after the leaks began. And with no end in sight, Alberta’s Environment Ministry has taken what it says is an unprecedented step, asking Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. to partially drain an oil-soaked water body before it freezes this winter and traps a bitumen gash underneath it.

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