Elliot Lake mall collapse: Eastwood Mall and Peak Building Restoration

In 2010, Peak Building Restoration & General Contracting went to court claiming that Bob Nazarian and Eastwood Mall Inc., the owners of Elliot Lake’s Algo Centre Mall, owed Peak Restoration $741,157.01, having only paid part of the $ $823,657.01 bill for repairs and waterproofing to the Algo Centre’s rooftop parking lot in 2008.

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Elliot Lake mall collapse: Partial record of Ministry of Labour visits to Algo Centre

Ontario’s Ministry of Labour has released field reports for six of its visits to Elliot Lake’s Algo Centre Mall. It isn’t clear how many other visits the ministry has made in the past.

The most recent field report, from January 2012, indicates recurrent leaking and plans by mall owner Bob Nazarian to find a permanent solution the following spring.

Elliot Lake mall collapse: A small town’s vital centre caves in

Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail

Saturday, June 30, 2012 – Globe and Mail

TORONTO and ELLIOT LAKE, ONT. — When the mines powering Elliot Lake wound down 20 years ago, the town’s mall was poised to go with them: Its tenants were leaving, its owners eager to sell and its maintenance issues well known.

But volunteers intent on keeping Elliot Lake going knew they needed a commercial centre for what they hoped to turn into a vital retirement community. They bought the mall with this in mind, and the Algo Centre, built for a far larger and more prosperous city, became the small town’s anomalous locus point.

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