Church officials alerted to pornography allegations against bishop 20 years ago

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TORONTO and HALIFAX — Two decades ago, a young man poured his heart out in Rev. Kevin Molloy’s Portugal Cove rectory.

Father Molloy said he was “appalled” to hear about the pornographic images the man allegedly found, as a teenager in the home of a fatherly clergyman, who would befriend boys at Newfoundland’s Mount Cashel home and often take them out to movies or to his home for the weekend.

“Just the fact that he was a priest and this young boy would find this kind of material in the priest’s rectory appalled me terribly,” Father Molloy told The Globe and Mail in an interview last night.

Father Molloy immediately told then-Archbishop Alphonsus Penney about the allegations about what had been found in Rev. Raymond Lahey’s house. Then he phoned Father Lahey, who was in Cornerbrook at the time.

“I said, ‘Bishop Lahey, I’m calling you on a very serious matter…’ He was quite aware of what I was saying.”

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